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RoadShower 4G


Sandy feet, dirty paws, and mud slung bikes. The RoadShower is your trusty sidekick for the convenience of pressurized water in the middle of nowhere. Its dependable attachment to your vehicle or trailer allows you to roam freely. And, while you’re out having fun, the sun heats up the water in the tank. Check the thermometer and you can enjoy a hot sun powered shower, or blast off mac-n-cheese from campsite dishes. RoadShower 4G with 4 gallons of water – 53 lbs.



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Product Details

Includes two outlet water ports, one on each end, for convenient water access

Pressurize with hand or electric pump - Built-in pressure relief valve safely and automatically tops out at 55 psi (max). RoadShower 4G with 4 gallons of water – 53 lbs.

The Patented Design is built strong with welded aluminum construction and durable powder coat finish.


Weight: 20.30 lbs.

Dimensions: L 55.00 in x W 6.10 in x H 4.75 in and requires minimum crossbar spread of 24.00 inches / max 50.00 inches

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