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On a last minute trip to Colorado, Owen and Geyson explore the Rocky Mountain National Park. Camping in the mountains and hitting some trails. Geyson returns to Baltimore and Owen continues onto Moab, UT

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Episode 1:

Only Two Days



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The "Rocky" Journey

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Patches Collected

Rocky Mountain National Park Camping Mix
Rocky Mountain Naitonal Park Sunset Patc

Collected by Owen

100 Years of Rocky Mountain Patch

Collected by Geyson

Campin' Mix (Vol. 2)

Cassette Patch

Collected by Geyson

Rocky Mountain National Park Dusk

Did You Know?:

Long Way to Go

Route 70 begins in Baltimore, MD and ends in Cove Fort, Utah covering a total of 2,153.13 miles

Baltimore to Colorado.png

Did You Know?:

Doing 70 on 70

Roughly 93% of i-70's speed limit is 70-75MPH. With Maryland being one of the lowest at 65MPH due to the urban areas, as well as various areas crossing major cities while heading west.

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Good friends. Good Music.

Listen to what we played high in the mountains. A mix of Folk, Country, Americana and Alternative with mellow melodies.

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Point and Shoot

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