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Our road path for 2023 involves all of our loyal customers, and welcomes fresh faces as well.
We want to open our version of the East Coast to the world, but through the hobbies of the people that make it special.

Trail vs. Machine is our newest project combining the passion of the automotive community and the experience of our business. 23 years in the making and we are more than excited to dive in with this first project.





- Title Roll + Quick Intro

- Episode highlights and quick recap

- Introduce us to this episode and tell us a little bit about yourself (this is your chance to shine)

Where are we?

If you picked the trail tell us all about it, but leave enough for the peeps at home on the edge of their seat.

Make sure to include:

- History of area

- Any previous experience you may have

About your rig.

Tell us about your vehicle. Let us indulge in all those sweet upgrades you've worked so hard for! If you brought a fellow off-roader we'll also cover their rig, everyone gets an equal opportunity to shine!

Let's go for a ride.

This is where the fun begins. Most of the time you will have GoPros on your vehicle. Either on the outer body or the inner windshield.

Expect to do constant stops to film and do talking. We will have at least 2 camera men with us.

Every episode will include:

- Comments from you on what to expect ahead

- Comments as we are driving

- Any tips of tricks for conquering the trail


During the production of an episode, expect up to 3 main cameras recording at all times. Various GoPro devices mounted on external sources of your vehicle or internal (like your windshield or cabin trim).

We will respect your space and vehicle as much as we can.

Through the trail ride be prepared to stop at scenic locations. We recommend you learn more history about your town, trail or landmark to spice things up for the viewers. Our goal is to educate everyone while having fun.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be wired with a microphone at all times. Any audio not intended for video will be discarded.


Some trails have proven to be longer than others, or simply tougher on vehicles and our bodies. We recommend you prep with camping in mind and recharge your energies for a successful production.


Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. We are allowing you to pick the trail of choice, therefore, we expect you to know the tools necessary to complete it.

This includes having an extra spare that matches your current set-up (full spare), winches and other forms or recovery (traction boards, heavy duty jack, ropes, GPS devices, walkie-talkies, etc).

End of Episode

After almost a full day or driving is time to say goodbye.

Both you and the host of the episode will wave goodbye to the camera and ride of into the sunset concluding the episode.



The 2023 Event Calendar

Check out where we are going for 2023. Put your rig to the test! Want to join? Sign up below.

Image Not Available.png




12 Mile Long

2,000ft Elev.




Two days of adventure. Explore the north side of George Washington National Forest with us and ride the Jeep-rated Flagpole Knob trail up to the top of the mountain. Enjoy a variety of obstacles like mud baths, water crossings, steep climbs, scenic views and camping at the top of the mountain.

Saturday is all about putting your driver skills and rig to work. Camera crew will be ready to film every angle and create a video worth going back to re-watch over and over again.

Sunday is all about you and your rig. We film a quick questionnaire about you and your vehicle alongside your experience camping/off-roading with us. If you still have some juice in you we will caravan to a different trail before heading back home.

Extra Optional Events

Besides the Trail Vs. Machine series, we recommend you tag long for few more trips worth checking out.

Overland Expo East 2023

October 6-8

Oak Ridge Estates, Virginia

Please Note: camping can be purchased but we camp remotely instead for a unique experience. A 15 minute drive from show.

No Limit Annual Camping Event


Green Ridge State Forest, Maryland

Please Note: we will pay for a clean portable bathroom provided by the local forest waste company.

Down for the adventure?

Register below! Once completed you'll receive a confirmation email.

Our media team will send you a text to ask a few questions.

Trails are calling.
If friend are tagging along, do they have capable rigs?
How will you describe/rank your off-road experiene?

Tell us about your rig.

Wilderness Awaits. See you on the trail!

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