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The William's Project

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Baltimore Ravens' Brandon Williams is a crowd favorite both on the turf and on the streets.

The relationship between No Limit and Charm City's all-star roster continues to grow each year as each build embarks its own journey from imagination to reality.

Brandon and shop owner David Barron.
Brandon and shop owner David Barron.
"It has never been an easy task" explains Tony, who is No Limit's Shop Controller, "'s crazy to see more and more people interested in this automotive style. In our heads, it's our job to make people understand that this is an area where the East Coast is lacking and hopefully as we continue to push more cool projects out, we can make this a more standard lifestyle."

As many fans of the idea can agree, it has never been about the arrival but mostly about the journey getting there. The uphill rock-climbing battle, or the muddy terrain drive-thru is where the rush of adrenaline leads to the satisfying destination. Also, where else would you get views like these...

© Baltimore Magazine | Susquehanna River, Maryland
© Baltimore Magazine | Susquehanna River, MD

© Baltimore Magazine | Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
© Baltimore Magazine | Shenandoah Valley, Virginia


2017 Upgrades

In late 2017 we saw the beginning of the build, and for a start, the ideas were already flowing like crazy. The goal had always been to combine both functionality and look-appeal in an all-in-one package without having to sacrifice efficiency and comfortability. Unlike many previous setups this one had to be the foundation for the future. With care and precision we chose the right tools to get the job done, whether it was in early stage or final form.

The first upgrades were as versatile as they could be; in our heads we expected this to be a never-ending passion project. A project that grew with us as we moved forward with our knowledge and modern trends, introducing something unique to establish roots on.

Initially, the truck had arrived slightly modified; done by a dealership, it received a lift, wheels, fender flares, and tires. Despite being a good start, upon arriving to us we knew exactly what had to be done.

We all repeat the same thing over and over again, "Your vehicle is a personalized representation of yourself", just how your home is an image of your lifestyle with decorations, tools, and many other household items that only you could have included because after all, you own it and you inhabit it. That was the basis of our ideas; exactly where the team agreed to further polish details.

Like father like son. Truck before it had arrived to No Limit.
Like father like son. Truck before it had arrived to No Limit.

Now, we are not going to bored you with lectures on how your next project should look like, nor are we shaming your current set-up. In fact we are just reminding you that it should be as unique as you are — set new standards for what the future car clubs, communities, and everyone else will look up to.

Alright, enough of the chit-chat. In Brandon's case we had to optimize the vehicle for what his heart truly desired, and off the start it wasn't as easy as you think it may be, even though he had already informed of his ideal upgrades. In the most simplest term, there are so many ways to go about putting your vehicle together, with dozens of manufacturers offering products at your disposal, it only gets harder to make the right statement of originality.

Rather than getting hands on, Dave builds a relationship with his customers, and we know, it can be hard to meet each customer and truly fulfill their dreams. However, as many previous builds we've always played hard as a team, all of us really learning and understanding someone's vision. And when it comes to doing it right, this strategy always works out to be the most efficient, saving us the struggle of cost, re-doing designs, and ultimately satisfaction.

In 2018, we learned that the work we had done had paid off. Brandon loved the work and time we had devoted on his truck, and sooner than you think we saw the truck for multiple visits, of which still occur today.

2018 | Brandon receiving delivery of his truck| Downtown Baltimore
2018 | Brandon receiving delivery of his truck | Downtown Baltimore
"It's a crazy feeling when you see that one truck you and your team put together while scrolling through social media." Says Ryan J. "It's a very rewarding feeling to know that even with owning multiple vehicles the one he favors the most is the one you had hands on."
"The truck is something everyone has always been proud of and all of us can't get enough, even after multiple visits, we are always looking forward to what comes next."


2018 Upgrades

Wilco Hitchgate


9" Multi-Media Screen

KrazyBeaver Shovel

Coleman Grille

Bose Sound System

Westin HDX Steps

A.R.E Z-Series Cap

Cobra 5,000W Inverter

E-Z Lift Camper

Power Cap Lift

Decked System

Rear License Plate Camera

Kelderman Rear Air Lift

+ More

The year is 2019, and already we were due for a refresh. Like the previous years, we expected to see those familiar boxy body lines of the 2500 slowly driving through its favorite shop. Once again, it wasn't long before the truck arrived. Also, should we point out that before this truck arrives on our hands it must travel 1,100-some-plus miles? Luckily the truck is hauled to its destination, but we figured you should know.

Brandon came back with some fresh new ideas. Again, he wanted to maximize his experience outdoor and with little to-no-talk we figured out what he was referring to.

Can we all agree that when you travel hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles to go see and experience a new location, food, culture, and so much more... no one actually stays for just a couple hours. What kind of vacation would that be? Visiting Paris is (in theory) the same experience as visiting your local landmark or forrest. Besides having shops, and people inhabiting your surroundings, you have trees and all sorts of wildlife that are part of a similar ecosystem.

As a traveler your job is to really maximize that precious sunlight hours to explore as much as possible, and as a camper to really enjoy the serenity underneath the sky night, This is where we believed the next chapter of the truck would take place.

2018 | Brandon and the team chatting about new camping features
2018 | Brandon and the team chatting about new camping features

Part of increasing functionality was adding a bunch of parts, but each of these parts contributed to ultimately making the open-air hotel stay even better. The name Yakima is written all over this section. The infamous MegaWarrior roof rack cargo basket with the optional extension was a must have accessory for hauling extra tools... skyline towers, landing pad, jet stream bar and a couple more products made the vehicle look ready for a nice off-road getaway. Luckily, we knew that the more we added the more weight we had to handle, and that' where that Kelderman rear air-lift set up came in from the previous year.

Kelderman has always been a top-contributor to our builds, adding amazing suspension support and superior ride quality. And of course, is not a must have, neither cheap, but when it comes to making the whole vehicle top-notch we knew that they could deliver what suited the experience,

Aside from some other upgrades, the one we couldn't forget about was the glorious RoadShower (4L) and it's capability take clean water wherever you go. The spec we opted for was the 10 Gallon version. Basically you fill it up, mount it on your cargo rack, hook up the water hose with different spray options, and you got yourself a nice multi-purpose water supply on demand.

In totality, 2019 served as a refinement for the vehicle as well as finishing the tiny details that made bigger things come together.

2019 Upgrades

WetSounds Stealth Sound Bar

Yakima MegaWarrior

​Yakima MegaWarrior Extension

RoadShower 4L

Rigid Lights

Winch Hook/Bump Step

Alpine KAC-001

Yakima Jet Stream Bar 70

Interstate Dual Batteries


 IMG_9820.JPG 2019 | Brandon testing out RoadShower 4L with Staff
2019 | Brandon testing out RoadShower 4L with Staff

Finally, we get back on recent times. As of April, 2020, the truck has officially left the shop, so we'll try to write as much as we can from memory and records.

So, what makes this year so special? Unlike previous years, this vehicle didn't receive a vast majority of upgrades... some may say. However, as fas as we are concerned this year completed the truck as a whole project. Function and form finally met and became a single body of continuity. But wait, what do we mean by that? In layman's terms, the truck now looks both good, and outperforms as it should.

Remember in the beginning of the article when we spoke of the original goal of the build? To make it both functional and provide a pleasant look-appeal, that's what we meant. It's of course, up to you to decide that however, so we have included some photos below to help you make your mind up.

The Process

Tired of reading yet? You can find the episodes we filmed for our Under the Hood series on YouTube at the bottom of the page, we filmed the whole upgrade for 2020. Don't forget to like and subscribe while you are at it.

Big Bumper & Tires? Say no more

Quite the request, we must admit. Brandon had contacted Dave and the team with a specific vision, the cherry on top.

In the beginning we had decided to custom build a bumper with an included bumper guard that could meet the request that was made, but despite being in the plans we decided to opt out on something more cost efficient without making the bill too large.

Upon research, we found that Road Armour made a bumper with a foldable guard, perfect for what we were looking for, without hesitation we confirmed order and step 1 was done.

Now, what's next? Oh yeah, some big meaty off-road tires and wheels to go with it!

Initially, the set up we had gone with was a Continental 265/80/20 MPT81s which offered a tall and meaty look, but we decided to bump up the specs a bit by going with the an even more aggressive 365/80/20 MPT81s which are now on the truck.

For wheels, we went with XD's 20x10 137 S-Black wheel providing the vehicle with a nice and congruent black and white look, while also allowing the menacing red brakes from Wilwood to be seen.

In order for us to fit the now overly-sized and aggressive wheel specs we removed the already wide fender flares the truck had been rocking for a while, so we went with FabFour's beautifully crafted Open Fender System offering a sturdy steel construction and ability to fit 40"+ tires.

NOW HOLD ON! We are adding a bunch of weight and we have to accommodate braking or else we will have poor stopping lengths; no one wants a nasty fender-bender. Let's look at what we have so far...

​Size: W 48 x H 93 x L 45

Material: Steel

Weight: 384Lbs

​Size: N/A

Material: Steel

​Weight: 85Lbs

​Size: 365/80/20

​Material: Synthetic Rubber Compound

Weight: 130Lbs

​20x10 XD 137

​Material: Alloy

​Weight: 53.72Lbs

Seems like an awful amount of weight, and this is not accounting for the weight of the truck itself, plus passengers, and any extra accessory that had been added previously. This is where the beautifully and fully functional Wilwood brake kit comes in to save the day, providing more than enough force to even stop a train.

Installation was easy and should've taken a day, but due to the previous brake lines that had been installed, we had to remeasure some things, create a new a brake line and run it back to the new kit. For the rear, Ryan quickly pointed out that the emergency brake shoes were pretty worn out which then lead to having us readjust a couple more things.

Overall, Wilwood's big brake kit was well-worth the money. During test drives we did not have a single complaint with the calipers or brakes having enough power to stop the vehicle, in fact very smooth.

Also, I know we very briefly discussed the wheel set-up. I know you are probably asking yourself, "With tires that big, I'm guessing that is a rough ride." and you'd find yourself quite surprised.

On the multiple test drives Tony made, he had 0 complains with in-cabin vibrations, overall tire performance, and ultimately ride quality. Personally, I was very surprised with how quiet the tires were and even made multiple comments to Tony about them. So from me to Continental, you definitely score a 10 out of 10 on that one.

ALRIGHT, Let's Wrap it Up

Before we go though, please feel free to contact us with any other questions about this specific build or any others you've seen flying around online. Our contact information is below and I'll try to respond to you as quick as possible.

Both YouTube episodes are listed below so you can get a more in-depth look on what actually happened behind the scenes. Subscribe, like, and follow us on Instagram @nolimitbmore for more cool new projects.

Lastly, here are the final upgrades made to the truck.

2020 Upgrades

​20x10 XD 137 FMJ

FabFour Open Fender System

Fender Mouldings

Yakima MaxTrax Brackets

Rear Bumper Powder Coat

Rigid 6" 360 Round Lights

Road Armor Bumper w/ Guard

Continental MPT 81s

Trail Hitch

Trimax Extended Rec. Look

Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Warn Bumper Shackles

​Custom Brake Lines

New TPMS Sensors

Watch Both Behind the Scenes for 2020

Part 1: First Steps

Part 2: Until Next Time

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