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Vehicle Gallery: New Ways to Explore Our Work

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Written by Geyson Alvarenga

Learn about our projects. Download your images. Get inspired.

Vehicle Gallery beautifully crafted for all devices.

Our Vehicle Gallery is a new refined browsing experience for those looking for inspiration.

Version 1.0 introduces our customers and new-comers to fast and responsive ways to navigate all of our projects, customer sets and more.


Carefully crafted with users in mind.
Filters and item cards for our Vehicle Gallery.


Our Vehicle Gallery offers an in-depth browsing mechanism that immediately displays entries upon selection. We purposefully removed the "Search" or "Enter" button to ensure you find what you need quicker.

The initial filters available at launch are: Year of vehicle, Make of vehicle, Wheel name, Wheel finishes, Suspension brand and Suspension specifications wether lifted or lowered.


We compared various methods of displaying the data – eliminating screen complexity and focusing more on an application styled delivery. We refined everything from the look of the filters boxes to the style of the item cards to follow our black, dark grey, red and white company theme.

We want users to feel more like browsing their favorite app and less like a clunky website.

Furtheremore, item cards display quick and helpful information before you enter the dedicated item page. In the cards you'll find the year, make and model of the vehicle. The wheel brand and name with its corresponding front and rear wheel specifications. Below that you'll also see the tire brand name used with the corresponding front and rear tire specifications.

Lastly, every vehicle receives a dedicated and unique reference number. This reference number can be found in the item cards and in the description box of the specific vehicle page. Customers can use the reference number to inquire about a specific project to our sales staff, our sales staff will be able to immediately look up the vehicle work notes, pricing and more. Finally, since our website is built for responsiveness, images displayed on the vehicle specific gallery are compressed for faster loading speeds. At any given time the owner of the listed vehicle requires the full quality images they may use their vehicle reference number and request the files via email with an approximate 24 hour response time.


As explained above, the images displayed for our customers' vehicles via our website are compressed for web responsiveness. While the user can still download the images individually, using the provided reference number and sending us an email via the hyperlink in the yellow information strip on the main Vehicle Gallery page will resolute in receiving a link to a Google Drive folder containing all available images for their vehicle.

If the owner desires to remove their vehicle they can also do so via email with the same information needed to retrieve images.

Images are shot and edited in-house and no original RAW files are available to download. As of 2022, all images are exported at original dimensions per camera used, with 300 DPI and 10MB maxed JPEG format.



Once you've found an inspiring vehicle or your project you'll get to see all of the important data relating to it. Let's start from top to bottom.

Descriptions and Links to Products

If your vehicle received a plethora of upgrades during your visit, we'll do our best to link most products used in the project within the image gallery. It will contain a title and a description about what the item is. It will look like this:

In-Depth Vehicle Gallery links and descriptions.

Wheel and Tire Specifications

If you are looking to match a tire and wheel combo the following section will tell you about front and rear specs. If your vehicle has a staggered or wider set-up in the rear, it will reflect such specifications.

The tire rating scale takes in multiple factors based on all of our inputs and experiences, with that being said our rating varies and take it with a grain of salt.

  1. Tires rated with a 0 score have not been scored yet.

  2. A score of 1 is a tire we would not recommend. These are extremly cheap tires with bad performance on wet/snowy roads, grip strength, off-road use, length of life, company based warranties and more.

  3. A score of 2 is a tire we would not recommend unless you are on a tight budget. These are entry level tires that sacrifice effiency and longevity. These are tires we neither sell nor recommend and are only listed with the vehicles to fulfill data.

  4. A score of 3 is an intermmediate level tire that we do offer to customers. These tires check some performance boxes but not all of them. These are options for customers in a budget who still need new tires on their vehicles.

  5. A score of 4 is a great tire. These tires are tires that are great for wet/snowy conditions, offer a minimum of 50,000 mile life expectancy with great company-based warranties, and are not too expensive. Most entry/intermmediate level A/T or Off-Road tires fit within this category alongside track-ready configurations for performance minds.

  6. A score of 5 is rated as Best. These tires check all of the boxes we consider to be worth every penny, unlike 4 rated tires, these meet very niche specifications like high intensity drifting, track, off-road or utility based uses.

When you browse the gallery the data will be displayed like this:

Wheel, tire, suspension and vehicle wrap information.

Suspension and Vinyl Wrap

Below the wheel and tire section we'll also provide the lift-kit or lowering-kit company name and the corresponding height. Below that you'll see a vinyl wrap sample, either digitally recreated or photographed at ideal lighting conditions. The brand and wrap name will be listed as well.

Work Notes

The last important item on our list is the Work Notes section. In this section you'll be able to see all the used components used for the specific project. No matter the amount of items you'll add, we will do our best to update the images and list as long as you continue to use our services, with that said, items not installed by us will not be listed as the data will not be available to be entered since we never initially documented it.

In the case a customer provides their own components for us to install, we will do our best to note the accurate data of such items.

Vehicle Gallery work notes.

That about wraps our initial release to the Vehicle Gallery.

We hope you all enjoy it and remember that his is only the beginning to something we believe will help everyone in great ways – no matter if you need to retrieve your images or just browse for inspiration.

The gallery is updated weekly and more updates are soon to follow to meet the need of our sales staff, customers and tinkering minds.

With Love,

From Baltimore, MD.

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